Chattahoochee Valley Community College President in Phenix City, Alabama

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: The President is the chief administrative and executive officer of the college and reports directly to the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System. The President is responsible for administering and supervising the total college program of Chattahoochee Valley Community College. The President will delegate authority and yet retain final responsibility for the effective operation of the college.Responsibilities:Follow established policies and procedures of the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees and the Chancellor. Follow established channels in relating the affairs of the college to the Chancellor and the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees. Represent the college at the state and national levels by attending Presidents' meetings, serving on special interest committees, and attending regional and national meetings as appropriate. Appoint all faculty and staff of the institution using prescribed procedures, assign their duties and responsibilities, and ensure periodic evaluation. Report data and information in a timely and accurate manner to the Alabama Community College System Office. Manage the fiscal affairs of the college efficiently and economically. Interpret the mission of the college to local business, industry, and civic interests. Involve the community in planning programs and services to be offered at the college. Promote the maximum utilization of the college's facilities and resources to the benefit of the community. Promote the articulation of the college's programs with secondary and other postsecondary institutions. Secure, as appropriate, governmental and other outside funding for the college's projects. Conduct appropriate fundraising activities. Provide leadership for maintaining quality educational programs. ? Create an atmosphere conducive to high faculty, staff, and student morale. Effectively delegate responsibility and authority to appropriate administrative officers. Maintain open channels of communication with faculty, staff, and students. Direct long-range planning activities which include input from the faculty, staff, and students; support continuous professional development activities of faculty and staff; and develop annual and long-range goals for the college. Provide effective leadership and management for the overall direction of the institution.