City of Huntsville Attorney III in Huntsville, Alabama

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: This is advanced professional legal work in providing counsel and legal services for the City. Work involves responsibility for performing a wide variety of professional legal duties, including provision of legal services for all departments of the City. Work includes the preparation of cases for trial and the drafting of resolutions and documents. Employees in this class must be sufficiently qualified to try cases of considerable difficulty and manage and resolve complex legal problems of considerable difficulty and scale. Work is performed under general supervision and in accordance with established policies. Work is reviewed by a superior by the results obtained on assignments. Performs difficult legal research and prepares important legal documents for City departments, boards, and agencies. Prepares or reviews all types of municipal ordinances, resolutions, bond provisions, contracts, deeds, and other legal documents. Investigates serious claims and complaints by or against the City; recommends action and takes action as necessary. Evaluates complex legal problems; negotiates and advises in development of long-term solutions. Assists in and advises throughout implementation. Investigates and prepares difficult cases for trial; serves as a trial lawyer for the City in State and Federal Courts with respect to ordinance violations, claims and damage lawsuits, injunctive relief lawsuits, real estate acquisition or management, zoning variances, protect City's claims in bankruptcy courts, assessments, liens, and other matters. Represents the City in efforts to collect funds through class action suits, subrogation actions, and intervenes as a third party into ongoing litigation; defends claims against the City for bodily injury, monetary damages, and/or property damage, from inception to conclusion. Advises and assists in the administration and enforcement of the City's zoning ordinance, storm water management manual, flood plain regulations, and subdivision regulations; prepares legal instruments and documents including deeds, easement, and licenses. Represents the City Council, Huntsville Historic Commission, and the City's Board of Zoning Adjustments in appeals from their respective decisions. Represents the City in workers' compensation claims and lawsuits brought against the City by employees and former employees, negotiate settlements. Develops and assists in the administration of personnel ordinances, policies, and procedures; Represents City departments in personnel grievance and disciplinary hearings. Interviews witnesses and investigate facts relating to charges. Appears at show cause, final hearings and appeals to the City Council. Responds to subpoenas and request for records served upon the City, departments and employees. Represents the City regarding charges filed by current or former City employees related to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims. Provides legal research and advice to departments on code compliance issues. Consults with members of the Alabama Bar and with the general public on a variety of legal matters. Serves as training and coordinating prosecutor with responsibility for training full-time and substitute prosecuting attorneys in the municipal, circuit, and appellate courts of the State of Alabama. Responsible for coordinating prosecutorial services in the municipal and circuit courts. Requires regular and prompt attendance plus the ability to work well with others and work well as a team. Responds to inquiries. Makes presentations on legal topics. Approves letters of credit. Performs related work as required. Work is usually performed in an office or courtroom setting. Work is usually sedentary with occasional walking, climbing stairs if elevators are not available, reaching, bending, lifting, and carrying objects under 25 pounds or minimal physica l activities. Work requires the ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time and to operate personal computers.